Tell Allstate Insurance to pay out claims to Terri-Lynn and other survivors of domestic violence

We delivered your petition to Premier Kathleen Wynne, in support of MPP Mike Colle’s private members’ bill, the Innocent Persons Insurance Recovery Act. If passed, the law will close the legal loophole that currently allows insurance companies to deny claims to innocent victims if a fire was intentionally set by another person on the policy.

Premier Wynne promised she’d do everything she can to make sure the bill passes, which is great news! But there’s one more thing...

Terri-Lynn, the woman who helped CBC blow the lid off this legal loophole by sharing her shocking story, was brave enough to come forward and support this bill to help ensure that no one else will have to go through the same nightmare.

But the change in this law won’t affect her personal case, and Allstate insurance is still refusing to pay out her claim. Terri-Lynn is going bankrupt and still going through hell.

Together we can flood Allstate with phone calls demanding they pay out Terri-Lynn -- all other women fighting similar insurance battles with Allstate. It could be enough pressure to make them do it.

Your call will only take a couple minutes but it will make a huge difference. It's easy:

  1. Read the key messages below.

  2. Enter your information to the right - your name, email and phone number - and click the button. We will connect you directly to Allstate’s head office.
  3. An automated message from Allstate will pick up giving you a series of options, PRESS 2 immediately.
  4. Another automated message will pick up, PRESS 2 again, and you’ll be transferred to a representative.

  5. Use the key messages below.

Here’s some information you can include:

  • I'm calling because I recently heard that Allstate Insurance is denying claims to innocent victims of arson and domestic violence, like Terri-Lynn Robison.

  • I want Allstate to do the right thing and pay out claims to Terri-Lynn - and every person in a similar situation, right away.

  • Terri-Lynn and her daughter have already gone through enough of a nightmare by losing their home. Denying their coverage is prolonging their suffering -- it’s shocking, unfair, and it’s inhumane.

  • Please make sure the CEO of Allstate, the person in charge of Terri-Lynn's claim, and Allstate’s lawyers working on her case get my message.

  • ***If you have insurance with Allstate, tell them you will be cancelling your insurance with them when it’s time for renewal -- unless they pay out these claims as soon as possible.***

Call Allstate now, telling them to pay out Terri-Lynn's claim in full!

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