Will you remind your friends to vote?

Study after study shows that a reminder from a friend is one of the most effective ways to get out the vote. Since you aren't voting today, will you take a few minutes to remind your friends and family in Toronto to get out and vote?

Polls are open from 10AM-8PM tomorrow (October 22nd). Information on how and where to vote is here (click).

On Facebook? Take five minutes and remind 3 or more friends to vote. Voter turnout in municipal elections is low - 1/3 of Ontario voters don't know the election is even happening. But direct contact from a friend or family member is proven to get people out to the polls. If we all take the time to remind 3 friends to vote, we could make the difference between a progressive leader winning in your community -  or a right-wing Ford supporter. 

Check out Progress Toronto's action plan (click here), recommendations for progressive candidates in 14 ridings across Toronto.