Call your MPP in support of a better deal for nurses

For the first time in years, the Ontario Nurses’ Association (ONA) has the chance to negotiate with the province for a fair wage increase, above the one percent limit previously set by Bill 124.1 Paying nurses fairly is the best way to address staffing shortages, improve working conditions, and increase the availability and quality of care for everyone in Ontario. Show your support by calling your MPP today.
Note: If you'd like, we encourage you to share your own stories and reasons for supporting public healthcare, as a patient, family member, or healthcare worker!

My name is [______], and I am a constituent in your riding. I’m calling you because I’m deeply concerned about the healthcare crisis in our community and across Ontario. We all know Ontario desperately needs more nurses and healthcare professionals to provide high-quality and timely care. But every day, impossible working conditions and the lasting impacts of Bill 124 are driving nurses away.

As nurses are in contract negotiations, we need you to support a better deal for Ontario’s hospital nurses – one that will improve the staffing crisis and make Ontario’s public health care better for everyone.

I am urging the Ontario government to support a better deal and show that you recognize the skills and sacrifices hospital nurses and healthcare professionals make daily.
  • This deal must include better wages, better working conditions, and safer staffing.
  • We can’t risk losing more nurses to private clinics or agencies, or other provinces or countries.

Thank you for your time today. I look forward to seeing the Ontario government offer a better deal for Ontario nurses and finally show them the respect they deserve.

Note: The person you’re talking to might point out that nurses are in negotiation with the Ontario Hospital Association, not directly with the government. While you don’t need to have all the answers, you can respond with the following:

As the government, you have the power to direct the funding and priorities for the Ontario Hospital Association in this bargaining process. With a $2.1 billion surplus in 2022 and new healthcare funding coming from the federal government, we know the money is there - yet Ontario continues to spend less per capita on healthcare than almost any other province or territory. This must change, as our public healthcare system relies on your government’s investment and support. It's time to value nurses and patient care.

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