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UPDATE: We've gotten word that all the MPPs' inboxes are full! Thank you so much for taking action and making these calls to protect our water. We'll keep you updated on next steps!

Public consultation around Ford’s “Big Polluter” Bill 132 closes today at 5pm.  If it passes as is, Bill 132 will drastically lower penalties for companies that dump their toxic waste into our lakes and rivers, making it easier to contaminate our water. 

The Committee reviewing the bill has the power to scrap this part of it and keep tough penalties on big polluters -- and they need to hear from as many of us as possible before the consultation period closes tomorrow. Let’s flood them with our message!

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If you'd like to read more about the proposed changes before making your call, you can read this piece by our friends at Environmental Defence.

Talking Points: 
  • Hi, my name is XXX and I'm calling in relation to Bill 132 that’s currently under review. Please relay my message to the MPP. 
  • I want to see Schedule 9 removed from the Bill, and the penalties on polluters kept strong as they are right now. 
  • The proposed changes in Bill 132 (eliminating daily fines) will make it easier and cheaper for industry in Ontario to illegally dump sewage or toxic waste in our water. They will also weaken accountability when there’s a major chemical spill or some other event that threatens our environment.
  • Fines need to be tough to encourage prevention of devastating spills or illegal dumping, and hold industry accountable when they happen. Please let the MPP know.

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