These are the Liberal MPs that will make a decision on Kinder Morgan

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The federal government is making its decision on the Kinder Morgan Transmountain pipeline as early the end of the month. 

For months, we’ve seen signs that the government is leaning towards approving this project, but we’ve also heard from sources in Ottawa that the cabinet is split on this issue.1 This means we still have a chance at stopping this pipeline. 

To put as much pressure are we can on key decision makers,  hundreds of Leadnow community members are flooding the phone lines of key MPs in cabinet and the Energy and Climate Change Committee with messages opposing Kinder Morgan. If we can flood their phone lines in the coming weeks, they will know that voters across the country expect them to reject this pipeline. 

Fill out your information in the form to the right, and our system will call your phone to connect you directly with one of the key MPs we are targeting. You can ask to speak to the MP, but if they don't transfer your call, you can leave a message with the parliamentary assistant. 

When you leave your message, make sure to mention some of the following facts:
  • A tanker or pipeline spill could be devastating to BC’s coastal economy and to the water supply of communities along the project’s route2
  • No more than 15% of spilled oil can be recovered from a tanker spill on the coast3
  • BC’s last remaining orca population would be pushed to the brink of extinction by the increased tanker traffic caused by this project4
  • 22 BC municipalities and 61 First Nations communities are opposed to this project5
  • If built, it will be impossible for Canada to meet its international climate commitments6
  • Experts, including the former chief strategist for CIBC World Markets, have warned that new pipelines are not needed and could even become stranded assets.7 


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