MPs: call for Canada to demand a ceasefire

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With the situation in Gaza growing more desperate by the hour, the international community must act quickly to hold Israel to account and protect civilian lives. Will you call your MP demanding they join a growing number of MPs who are campaigning for the government of Canada to demand a ceasefire? 

Talking points to include in your message:
  • My name is [YOUR NAME HERE], I’m a constituent, and I am calling because there is a humanitarian crisis unfolding in Gaza.
  • Since Hamas’s deadly attack on Israeli civilians on October 7th, the Israeli military has killed over 16,000 Palestinians – 40% of whom are children. This strategy of collective punishment is a war crime.
  • I call on you to join a growing number of MPs who have signed on to an open letter demanding Canada advocate for an immediate and lasting ceasefire.
*Note: in some cases, MP voicemails require pressing 1 to finalize sending your message. We suggest you do this in case there is no clear prompt to do so.

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Instructions to call:

1. Read the talking points below.
2. Enter your information to the right, including your phone number
3. We’ll call you back, connecting you directly to your local MP
4. Leave a message on the answering machine if you reach voicemail. If you speak to office staff, just ask them to pass on your message to your MP. Make sure to tell them your name, and that you live in their riding.

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