Call on your MLA to stop Site C

The Site C dam could cost us more than twelve billion dollars – while our schools and hospitals are crying out for funding.

And the worst part? We don’t even need the power, but our hydro bills will go through the roof to pay for it!

The new government could make a decision on Site C any day now, and we need to make sure they know we don’t want this wasteful dam. Will you phone one of the Ministers who will make the decision and urge them to speak out against Site C?

Our tool will transfer you to a key Minister's office to leave a message on their voicemail or with their staff. Make sure your phone is handy, and then enter your information (including your phone number) on this page, and we'll connect you to a key Minister's office. 

Not sure what to say? Feel free to use these simple talking points:
  • My name is _________ and I'm a BC voter.
  • I'm calling to express my opposition to the Site C dam
  • I don't us to sink 12 billion dollar into a project that we don't even need.
  • I'm also concerned that the project does not have the consent of impacted First Nations.
  • Please do everything you can to stop this disastrous project

If you voted NDP, or you are an NDP member or donor, be sure to mention that!

Use this tool to phone your MLA

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Thank you for taking action!

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