Call Minister Morneau demanding an end to tax havens in Budget 2018

Budget 2018: Will the Liberal government prioritize everyday Canadians by cracking down on ruthless corporate tax dodging —  or keep letting billionaires rob our schools and hospitals of the funding they need?

A last minute explosion of pressure from voters will make sure Minister Morneau is prioritizing everyday Canadians by making tax havens illegal.

Will you call Minister Morneau now to make sure cracking down on tax havens is in the plan for budget 2018?


Use this simple tool that will connect you directly to your Liberal MP’s office. Your call will only take a minute but it will make a huge difference. It's easy:

  1. Read the key messages below.

  2. Enter your information to the right, click “call my MP” and your MPs name and riding should pop up. If it’s correct, hit “call my MP” again and we’ll connect you directly your MPs office. You might not get someone on the phone, but feel free to leave a voicemail. Make sure to include your name and where you live in the message.

Here’s some information you can include, but it's always best to speak from the heart:

  • 'm calling to make sure Minister Morneau announces plans to make tax havens illegal in the upcoming budget

  • Corporations use tax havens to dodge $15 billion in taxes every year, and when they pay less, everyday Canadians like me pay more.

  • This revenue is sorely needed for healthcare, childcare, and pensions, and it’s unfair to let them keep hoarding it in offshore tax havens.

  • It’s no wonder a  recent poll shows that 87% of Canadians want to make tax havens illegal.

  • Will you pass this message onto the Minister that I want him to stand up for everyday Canadians and announce plans to make tax havens illegal in Budget 2018?

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