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Ford called MPPs back months ahead of the regular schedule, so he could axe sex-ed quickly and quietly over the summer when he thinks no-one’s paying attention.

But together we’re cranking the opposition up loud. 

50,000 petition signers. Over 13,000 emails. Massive billboards outfront of Queen’s Park to greet PCs on their first day in parliament — and now that we’ve got their attention, we need to ramp up the pressure. 

Call the new Education Minister, Lisa Thompson, demanding that she halt the PCs plans to scrap sex-ed. If enough of us do it, our people-powered flood of pressure could force the PCs into retreat.
Our tool will transfer you to the Minister's office to leave a message on their voicemail or with their staff. Make sure your phone is handy, and then enter your information (including your phone number) on this page, and we'll connect you to the Minister's office. 

Not sure what to say? Feel free to use these simple talking points:
  • I'm calling to demand that you reverse the plans to scrap the new fact-based curriculum. 
  • The new sex ed curriculum was carefully put together in consultation with experts, parents, health professionals, teachers and others. 
  • I am prepared to fight for kids getting the facts they need about their health and education. As Education Minister (and a parent), I hope you are prepared to fight too.
  • Please do the right thing and fight to keep Ontario’s new sex ed curriculum.  

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