Call your MP to host a climate town hall

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The Trudeau Government has signed the Paris climate deal and announced public consultations for a National Climate Strategy. Central to this consultation process is an online portal where people can submit their thoughts on this strategy.
While this is a great first step in consulting the public, online portals are not enough. The Government has to show its commitment to climate by hosting in-person town halls where people can voice their thoughts and stories and know they are being heard.

Some MPs have committed to host a town hall in their riding to listen to their constituents, but most haven’t. To ensure everyone across Canada has a chance to attend an in-person town hall, we need to encourage individual MPs to host a town hall in their ridings.

That’s why we need you to call your MP and ask them to host a climate town hall. MPs are first and foremost representatives for your riding, so If enough of us call our MPs they’ll feel pressured to host a climate town hall to listen to their constituents.

Calling your MP is easy. All you have to do is enter your information below and our system will call your cell phone to connect you directly to your MP. Below, are some tips on how to speak to your MP.