Call PM Trudeau to stop Petronas

The federal government could approve the Petronas Pacific NorthWest Liquefied Fracked Gas terminal in Northern BC anytime between now and early October, but we can still stop this project. 

It’s hard to believe the government is considering approving this project at the end of the hottest summer in recorded history, a few months after the costliest forest fire in the country’s history, and after the smallest salmon run BC has seen in 120 years.1-3 

This project will make it impossible for Canada to meet it's international climate commitments and could destroy Canada's second largest salmon run.4-6

Prime Minister Trudeau is trying to build his reputation as a leader who listens to communities and cares for climate science. If we make it clear that people across Canada are opposed to this project and remind him that he can’t silently approve this project, then we can make an approval harder for him to justify. 

We’ve already sent thousands of messages to his government to stop this project.7 Now we need to step it up and call his office directly.

You can call his office by using the form on the right. It's easy and will only take a couple of minutes.
  • Read the key messages below
  • Enter your information to the right, and we’ll connect you directly to the PMO
  • A receiptionist will answer the phone - tell them you want to leave a message for the Prime Minister on the Petronas project and they will transfer you over to an answering machine. 
  • Leave a message on the answering machine stating your opinion on the project along with your name and place of residence.

Here are some key points you can tell the PMO's staff about the Petronas Pacific NortheWest terminal:
  • Petronas is bad for the climate - This project is set to become one of Canada's biggest point sources of carbon emissions. It would single-handedly increase BC's emissions by a whopping 8.5%... exactly at the time when we need to reduce emissions. To make matters worse, this terminal will lead to a boom in the fracking industry in BC that could rival the Alberta tar sands in carbon emissions. If the government is serious about tackling climate change, it needs to reject this terminal.8-9
  • Petronas is bad for the salmon - This terminal is set to be built on top of Flora Bank, an estuary that provides habitat to over 330 million juvenile salmon every year. This is the heart of the Skeena River's $100 million economy. Just as BC is experiencing one of the smallest salmon runs in recorded history, we need to protect our salmon. If the government wants to protect Canada's 2nd largest salmon run, it needs to stop this project.10-11 
  • Petronas will damage Canada's relationship with First Nations - The hereditary Chiefs of the Lax Kwa' laams and communities up and down the Skeena river have repeatedly made it clear they are opposed to this project. There has been little respect for rights and title, inadequate consultation and even misinformation and manipulation on the part of the Petronas. If the government is serious about creating a new relationship with First Nations, it needs to scrap this project and force Petronas to take First Nations rights and title seriously.12 

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Phone PM Justin Trudeau's office and call on him to reject Petronas!

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