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Will you ask your local MP to vote in support of a motion to endorse the special committee's report on electoral reform? 

Tomorrow (May 31st!) MPs will vote on a motion which asks the House to formally endorse the report of the all-party electoral reform committee, which recommended a proportional voting system. [1] If it passes we could get the electoral reform process back on track.

A flood of last-minute phone calls from constituents could create the pressure needed for key MPs to support this motion. Will you call your MP and ask them to vote yes to the motion tomorrow? With only 24 hours to go, we have to act fast.

If no one answers or you are calling after hours, leave a voicemail! 


  • I am a constituent who is disappointed in this government’s decision to break their promise on voting reform.
  • There is a 'concurrance motion' to endorse the report of the special committee on electoral reform. 
  • I want to ask my MP to vote for this motion on May 31st and help put electoral reform back on the table

Extra information about this motion:
  • The motion will be to 'concur' with the special committee on electoral reform (ERRE) report released on December 1st. The NDP, Greens, Bloc and Conservatives all supported the report but the Liberals did not. 
  • We think the Conservatives will support the motion because they supported the report - but it doesn't hurt to encourage them anyway! 
  • We think that MPs should listen to their constituents who want reform and vote yes to this motion as a first step to re-opening the conversation about electoral reform. 
Information on the motion:
[1]  http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/british-columbia/ndp-mp-nathan-cullen-on-tour-demanding-electoral-reform-1.4129234 

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