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Right now, Liberal ministers are deciding what our recovery from the pandemic will look like.1

They could side with right-wing voices and lock us into a future of inequality and climate disaster. Or they could take Canada towards a fairer, healthier, and greener future.

A massive show of public pressure right now could convince them to invest in a just recovery — will you take 2 minutes to call a cabinet minister and show support for a just recovery that leaves no one behind?
Instructions on how to call. It’ll only take a minute, and could make a big difference. It’s super easy.
1. Read the talking points below.
2. Enter your information to the right, including your phone number 
3. We’ll call you back, connecting you directly to a Liberal  minister’s office.
4. Leave a message on the answering machine if you reach voicemail. If you speak to office staff, just ask them to pass on your message. If you voted Liberal, make sure to mention this!

Talking points to include in your message:
  • Hi, my name is XXX and I'm calling in relation to the government’s recovery plan. 
  • Any recovery plan must help to restore our climate. The government should stop giving handouts to fossil fuel corporations and invest our public money in green jobs instead.
  • All government stimulus must move us towards zero emissions.
  • A recovery that works for us all will close the wealth gap by taxing the super rich. 
  • A guaranteed income would lift millions of people out of poverty and improve the material living conditions of people across the country.
  • Police brutality has taken its toll on Black communities. By divesting from services that harm our communities and planet, we can invest in alternatives that will keep communities safe.
  • COVID-19 outbreaks seriously impacted migrant workers on farms and in warehouses. Migrants must be given permanent immigration status so they can access healthcare and other vital supports.
  • Canada is one of the most water-rich countries on earth. The government must keep their promise to provide clean water on all Indigenous reserves as part of our recovery.
  • Destructive pipeline projects such as Trans Mountain and Coastal GasLink have gone ahead without Indigenous consent. The government must pass legislation for Free, Prior and Informed Consent for Indigenous Peoples.

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