Send an urgent message to Prime Minister Trudeau and cabinet for a Just Recovery from COVID-19

URGENT: Prime Minister Trudeau and cabinet are making plans about our economic recovery from COVID-19 right now.

The most powerful thing we can do right now to make our voices heard and convince Prime Minister Trudeau and his ministers that we need to put people and our planet first, is to show that people across the country are united in support for a Just Recovery that prioritizes people over corporations, creates millions of jobs, and builds a thriving green economy. Please email Prime Minister Trudeau and cabinet, telling them why you need and support a Just Recovery.

Note: In the past, we’ve sometimes written draft emails for people like you to edit and send on to your local decision maker, so you can have your say at the click of a button. But right now, we believe the most powerful thing is for our governments to hear from local people with their own, personal messages. Whether long or short, they’re powerful. We've included some talking points below to get you started.


Talking Points: 
  • If you have a personal story about yourself or someone you know who has been affected by COVID-19, that would go a long way.
  • You could tell them why you think it’s important that we fix the broken system of the past, where climate crisis and inequality was the norm. 
  • You could mention that polls shows the majority of Canadians are ready for a major transformation of our society after COVID-19.
  • You could tell them that any economic recovery plan must meet these 6 principles:
  • Put people’s health and wellbeing first, no exceptions
  • Strengthen the social safety net and provide relief directly to people
  • Prioritize the needs of workers and communities 
  • Build resilience to prevent future crises
  • Build solidarity and equity across communities, generations and borders
  • Uphold indigenous rights and work in partnership with indigenous peoples


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