Tell your MPP: Paid sick leave saves lives

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BREAKING: Rumours are swirling that the Ford government is considering implementing paid sick days. [1]

Now that his government is considering paid sick days, it’s more important than ever that we ramp up the pressure to ensure they follow through. 

If thousands of us took 1 minute to click a button and make a call to our MPPs, it could be enough to force them to act on paid sick days and create a real plan to get us out of this crisis. Make a call using our simple tool now, while PC MPPs are still feeling the heat for his actions over the weekend.
Instructions on how to call:
It’ll only take a minute, but make a big difference. It’s super easy.
  1. Read the talking points below. Enter your information to the right, including your phone number.
  2. We’ll call you back, connecting you directly to your PC MPP.
  3. Leave a message on the answering machine if you reach voicemail. If you speak to office staff, just ask them to pass on your message to your MPP. Make sure to tell them your name and that you live in their riding.
  4. If you are a PC voter or have considered voting for them in the past, make sure to tell them that.
Talking points to include in your message:
  • My name is [name] and I am a constituent in your riding. I'm calling to urge you to take decisive action to tackle the pandemic. 
  • Workers need paid sick days so they stay home if they’re sick. Without them, people are forced to make the impossible decision to go to work sick and risk infecting coworkers, or struggle to make ends meet.
  • I’m also calling on the government to fully call off the police checks that will disproportionately harm racialized people. 
  • Essential workers in hot spots must be able to access the vaccine — these workers are putting their lives at risk by going to work every day.
  • As a PC MPP I know your voice carries weight with this government. I'm asking you to listen to your conscience and speak up before more lives are needlessly lost.

Tell your PC MPP: Paid sick leave saves lives

Call your MPP and tell them to vote in favour of Bill 239 to guarantee paid sick leave for all of Ontario's workers.

Just fill in your details below to make a call. Don’t forget to include your phone number — our system cannot call you back without your number in the appropriate field.

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