Tell MPs: Canada has no business in war

Canadian weapons are ending up in the hands of human rights abusing regimes like Saudi Arabia. But we could stop Canada from participating in this immoral arms trade ever again, if we act now. 

There is a bill going through Parliament that could prevent Canada from selling arms to Saudi Arabia again, but the Liberals have left huge loopholes in it that would let weapons continue to slip through.[1-2]

We’ve heard the Foreign Affairs Committee will meet on Monday to talk about the bill (C-47) and that this could be the final chance to fix it before it goes for a final vote. If we flood key Liberal committee members with calls, we could show the public is paying attention and expects action.

Can you take 3 minutes to make a quick phone call to an MP on the committee and ask them to strengthen Bill C-47 so that Canadian weapons won't end up in the hands of human rights abusers? Talking points are below. 

Make sure your phone is handy, and then enter your information (including your phone number) on this page. The system will call one of the committee's MPs, and then patch you through to their office! (The name of the MP you are calling will appear in the box).

  • My name is [YOUR NAME], and I am calling [MP NAME] because they are a member of the House committee on Foreign Affairs that is studying Bill C-47.
  • I am very concerned that the Bill leaves in loopholes that would let us continue to sell weapons to human rights abusers. Canada should have no business supplying arms to countries like Saudi Arabia which are perpetuating ongoing conflict and human rights violations.
  • I am asking you to ensure there is a legally binding mechanism in C-47 to stop Canada from selling arms to countries that might use them on civilians. I also want you to introduce reporting and regulations on arms exports to the United States. 
Extra sources:

[1] Former Dion human rights aide pans Ottawa arms control plan 

[2] Rideau Institute Bill C-47 Recommendations 

[3]Canada Can't Pass This Highly Flawed Arms Trade Bill As Is 

[4] Canadian military exports to Saudi Arabia exploded in 2016 

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