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The Ontario Nurses Association is meeting with Ford again this week. Despite acknowledging that "nurses deserve more", Ford made no commitments to support them by repealing Bill 124 — a demand nurses and allies have been calling for, for years.1

So here's the plan: we are going to flood the inboxes of Premier Ford, Minister of Health, Christine Elliot, Minister of Long-Term Care, Paul Calandra and the Chair of the Treasury Board, Prabmeet Sarkaria — who all have stakes in this legislation — with tens of thousands of personalized messages from Ontarians calling on them to repeal Bill 124 once and for all.

Before walking into this meeting, Premier Ford will know that Ontario stands with nurses and that repealing Bill 124 is his only option. Send a message now.
Talking points to include in your message:
  • Personal stories — if the staffing shortages and collapsing healthcare system has affected you or a loved one — your story could go a long way.
  • Bill 124 is an attack on nurses’ rights, resulting in unfair wages, horrible working conditions, and a mass exodus of nurses.
  • Nurses deserve our support and respect. They have been a stronghold for our health care system, the frontline of the pandemic caring for our families and communities.
  • Listen to the people of Ontario. A majority of Ontarians support our nurses.
  • I urge you to repeal Bill 124 and support our nurses.

Dear Premier Ford, Minister Elliot, Minister Calandra and Minister Sarkaria,

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