We need a windfall tax on Oil & Gas profits in the 2023 budget

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Time is short to make sure the federal government’s budget for 2023 reflects the real issues facing our communities – rather than issuing handouts to already mega-rich corporations.1

The federal government will be holding public budget consultations from now until February 10th. And these consultations are a key moment when the federal government will be listening to what the public wants. This is our chance to make things right and demand a windfall tax on the oil and gas industry's excess profits.2

A windfall tax would ensure Big Oil pays its fair share, and the funds it would return to the public purse could create thousands of green jobs, revitalize our crumbling healthcare system, and ensure that families don’t have to worry about the essentials.

But we have to act fast. If we submit thousands of letters to the public consultation calling for a windfall tax to reign in Big Oil’s profiteering and invest in our communities instead, we’ll show our federal leaders that the fossil fuel industry can no longer get away with hoarding their profits.

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