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RBC is Canada’s biggest bankroller of fossil fuels. [1] According to a brand new report, RBC increased their financing of fossil fuels by $23 billion last year—even as the climate emergency reached our doorsteps with disastrous heatwaves, wildfires, and flooding. [2]

RBC’s massive investments in the fossil fuel industry don’t just mean they’re funding climate destruction. It also means they’re supporting projects that trample on Indigenous rights—like the Coastal Gaslink pipeline, which is being forced through Wet’suwet’en territory without consent. [3] 

As RBC’s CEO, Dave McKay could use his power to make RBC a real climate leader. If thousands of us email him now, we can make sure he gets the message: RBC needs to walk the talk of climate action and stop financing fossil fuel expansion.

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RBC CEO Dave McKay: Divest from fossil fuels now

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