Yes to Proportional Representation for BC

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This October, BC is holding a referendum on proportional representation -- which means we’ve got a once in a lifetime opportunity to upgrade our democracy and bring a new kind of politics to our Province. 

Upgrading to a proportional system will mean that we can have: 
  • A voting system that's more democratic, fair and accountable
  • Elections where every vote counts (no strategic voting!)
  • Gender balance and more diversity in the BC legislature
  • A more collaborative democracy that can make progress on major issues
But ushering in a new kind of politics in BC is not going to be easy. We’re up against a well-funded “No” campaign who are going to fight tooth and nail to maintain the current system and block progress. 

If we want to win proportional representation for BC, we need as many people as possible to join our campaign.  Sign the pledge now! 


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  - Top 5 reasons the BC referendum rules are fair
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