SIGN NOW: We need Trudeau to commit to bold and necessary climate action at COP26

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COP26 is only 3 weeks away. [1] This crucial global summit is an opportunity for Trudeau to commit to bold and necessary action to tackle the climate emergency — and position Canada as a global climate leader.

But there’s a big problem. Since 2015, Trudeau's climate plans have fallen short of what scientists say is required. Canada will miss its climate targets if we continue at our current pace [2] — we simply can’t allow that to happen.

If we demonstrate that tens of thousands of people across the country expect Trudeau to commit to bold and necessary climate action at COP26, we could force him to step up his game.

It starts by signing this petition calling on Prime Minister Trudeau to deliver a climate-safe future by:
  • Slashing emissions by at least 60% to put us on the path to a climate-safe future
  • Ending all fossil fuel subsidies, and phasing out fossil fuels in line with Indigenous knowledge and science
  • Empowering and resourcing local and Indigenous communities to lead their transitions to a sustainable economy
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Deliver a climate-safe future by committing to bold and necessary climate action at COP26.

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