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Recently, the Senate Finance Committee took the first step toward a guaranteed livable basic income. Senators started studying Bill S-233, which would develop a framework for a regular, no-strings payment to everyone in Canada who needs it.1

Those of us who have been struggling with the day-to-day impacts of the rising cost of living can easily see how important a basic income is to build a fairer future where everyone has what they need to live a decent life. But for this legislation to pass, we need to show decision-makers just how widespread support is – and how urgently we need this bill.

If we can show that this is a policy that Canadians are ready to fight for,
it will make basic income a priority and give it the best possible chance to become law. Will you send a message to Senators on the Finance Committee, calling on them to support a guaranteed livable basic income?

We've drafted a message for you to use, but feel free to share your own experiences or talk about why this issue is important to you. Personal messages and stories go a long way.

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