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In just two days, a bill to make GMO labelling mandatory in Canada is going up for a vote in the House of Commons, and if enough of us come together, we can help make it pass.

Giant agribusinesses like Monsanto will be lobbying hard to oppose it. They’ll be using the same strategies (and PR firms!) that Big Tobacco used to manipulate public opinion on the safety of cigarettes. They tell us that GMOs are safe, but their research is done in-house, and there's a growing body of independent research that points to health risks.[2-3] The bottom line is: there's just not enough data about the long-term health impacts of GMOs, which makes labelling foods even more important for consumer choice.

Polls and consumer reports show that a huge majority Canadians want GMO labelling. It’s pretty simple: we want to know how our food is made — just like we want to know where it comes from and its nutritional value. We want to be able to decide for ourselves what we feed our families. It’s a matter of choice — and without labelling, we're being denied it.

The private members’ bill is up for vote on Wednesday, and some Liberal MPs are supporting it — but it might not be enough. A huge petition supporting the bill will remind decision-makers that voters overwhelmingly want mandatory GMO labelling. It could be enough to get the votes we need pass it — but with only 2 days until the vote we have to act fast.

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A whopping 91% of Canadians want GMO foods to be labelled. Don't deny us choice. Support mandatory GMO labelling by voting yes to Bill C-291.

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