Tell Ford: Support Ontario’s nurses — Repeal Bill 124

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Ontario's healthcare system is on the brink of collapse — and nurses are bearing the brunt of this disaster.1

And thanks to Bill 124 — legislation Doug Ford implemented in 2019 that represses wage increases for nurses to just one percent per year — they're underpaid, overworked and facing growing staff shortages.23

And that's not all — because salaries aren’t keeping up with the cost of living, it effectively results in a wage cut. The bill also interferes with nurses' Charter-protected right to bargain for fairer wages and better benefits.45

Nurses have been calling for a repeal of Bill 124 for years — and this month, the Ontario NDP, Liberals, and Green Party joined that call.6 Momentum is building. If we can turn up the heat with a massive petition, we can make the public pressure impossible to ignore — and force Doug Ford to repeal Bill 124.

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Nurses deserve better. Repeal Bill 124 now — improve working conditions and pay.

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