Tell Premier Ford + Minister Lecce: Stop blocking $10/day child care

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If Premier Ford doesn't sign the federal government’s $10/day child care deal by March 31st, Ontario families are going to lose more than $1 billion towards affordable child care.1

Every other province in the country has signed the national child care deal.2 While parents in other provinces are already seeing fees drop — Ontario families have watched Ford drag out this process for as long as possible.

His strategy is clear: he’s hoping that if he signs this deal as close to the election as possible, voters will thank him at the ballot box.3 But we all know: Ford has let down families and children.4,5

With only three weeks left before the deadline. Send a quick message and share everywhere to tell Ford and Lecce: Sign the deal for $10/day child care.

Premier Ford and Minister Lecce

Stop blocking $10/day child care

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