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On November 14th, 2023, the CBC published documents showing that the Ontario government is paying a for-profit health clinic in Toronto more than twice as much as public hospitals to perform the same OHIP-covered procedures.1 So while our public healthcare system remains understaffed and under-resourced, Doug Ford’s government is giving more public money to private clinics.

This is outrageous. We know that outsourcing essential surgeries to private, for-profit clinics is a false solution to the healthcare crisis.2 This news reveals the true intentions behind Ford’s decision to expand for-profit clinics: lining the pockets of investors.

The Ford government is hoping taxpayers remain in the dark. But with these numbers out in the open, a massive petition from thousands of concerned Ontarians could increase public scrutiny and make our leaders think twice about continuing to outsource surgeries to private clinics.

Will you sign the petition to tell Ford and Minister of Health Sylvia Jones – no more public money for private care?

Premier Doug Ford and Minister of Health Sylvia Jones

Stop using public money to fund private, for-profit healthcare clinics and instead invest in our public healthcare system.

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