Chip in to expose Big Oil’s role in fuelling extreme wildfires

It’s a record we never wanted to break. Raging wildfires have now burned over 10 million hectares of land this year, almost equal to the size of Newfoundland. It’s the most land burned in Canada’s history, ever.1

The truth is, a handful of fossil fuel CEOs are holding us back from the fairer, climate-safe future we deserve. They’re literally fanning the flames by relentlessly extracting oil and gas for profit, whilst lobbying against the climate solutions we desperately need.2,3

Pathways Alliance — representing six companies responsible for over 95% of tar sands production in Canada — is the misinformation machine leading this lobbying effort.4

The more oil and gas companies get away with spreading their lies to the public, the harder it is to hold them accountable for destroying our planet and communities for profit. So as more people witness the devastating impacts of climate change firsthand, we’re planning to launch an ad campaign to expose Pathways Alliance’s climate lies, and ensure the public knows who’s really to blame for all of this — Big Oil.

Will you chip in to help us fight back against Pathways Alliance’s propaganda?


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