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It’s been just over a year since a devastating wildfire ripped through Lytton, B.C. – destroying homes and cherished belongings, and taking lives. Over 200 residents still don’t know when they can return home. [1]

Yet despite this devastating climate disaster, our governments still don’t have a plan to keep us safe as our climate changes.

But it doesn’t have to be like this. Right now, the federal government is asking for public input on their climate adaptation plan. [2] A good plan would help keep people safe in an increasingly volatile and changing climate — by providing heat-resistant housing, or ensuring that people have food on the table even if crops fail from extreme weather.

There’s one problem. Most people don’t think about climate adaptation until it’s too late — and the government’s no exception. But if thousands of us flood the government consultation with messages, we can convince the federal government that the public wants them to create, invest in, and implement a strong climate plan to keep people safe from extreme climate events.

You don’t need to be a  climate expert to have your say – your lived experience is more than enough. We’ve also provided some key talking points.

So, will you tell the federal government to develop a plan that ensures everyday people are able to adapt to climate change with lots of support? It’s really easy, and there’s a template message to help you.
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