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Yemen is in the midst of a horrific humanitarian crisis after being bombed to bits by Saudi Arabia for the last two years. The impacts on human life have been staggering.[2-3]

 And in the midst of it all, a shocking new report has found that Canadian weapons sales to Saudi Arabia skyrocketed in 2016.[4-5] We’re literally profiting off of this humanitarian crisis, and we have to put a stop to it. 

A new bill is going through the House of Commons that could strengthen Canada’s arms export laws and prevent us from selling weapons to countries like Saudi Arabia in the future - but the Liberals have left loopholes in the bill that would mean weapons could still slip through to human rights-abusing countries.[6-9]

Right now, there’s a committee looking at the bill and deciding what amendments it should make. If we flood Minister of Foreign Affairs Chrystia Freeland and select committee members with emails, it will show that the public is watching this issue closely, which could convince them to take these loopholes out. With only days to go before the amendments have to be finalized, we have to act fast.  

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