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Right now, almost half a million BC residents are living in poverty. [1]

A majority of people living in poverty have jobs, but are paid so poorly that they still fall below the poverty line.[2] For those without work, welfare benefits are hard to access, and don’t come close to covering basic living costs. [3] 

The BC government is considering a new basic income program to help reduce poverty in our province. If it’s done right, it could give a major lift to people living in poverty, providing a stable, reliable income that allows people to thrive. [4] But if it’s done wrong, it could actually leave people worse off. 

Public consultations on basic income close tomorrow. If thousands of us flood the consultations with messages, we can make sure the BC government follows through with a well-designed basic income program that will benefit those living in poverty. 

Let's make sure BC gets it right. Will you send a message now? 


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