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Pro-pipeline politicians and the corporate media are relentlessly attacking BC Premier John Horgan’s plan to defend BC from oil spills.

Listening to their overheated rhetoric, you’d think Horgan was planning something rash. But what the BC Government is proposing is just plain common sense -- things like mandated spill response times, specific plans for the especially sensitive areas, and scientific studies to answer basic questions like whether tarsands oil will sink or float when it spills. 1

As part of their plan, the Horgan government is proposing a cap on tarsands shipments through BC until scientists tell us it’s safe for our communities. That’s the part that is freaking out pro-pipeline politicians and lobbyists -- because they know that it’s impossible to fully clean up a tarsands spill. 2

Justin Trudeau, Rachel Notley and a swarm of big oil lobbyists are pressuring John Horgan to scrap his oil spill plan -- and we can’t let them succeed. 3

Right now, the BC Government is inviting public input on their proposal, and a flood of comments supporting their common-sense oil spill plan could give Horgan the political cover he needs to stick to his guns. 4

But the deadline to have your say is this Monday. Will you send a comment now?

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