Tell Health Canada: 5 years is too late to save the bees— enact the pesticide ban now!

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The clock is ticking to defend our bees.

Earlier this year, Canada banned two major bee-killing pesticides — a huge people-powered win in the global fight to save the bees — but the ban won’t come into effect for three to five years. [1]

It doesn’t have to be this way. The EU banned bee-killing pesticides in April 2018. Their ban will be enacted in less than a year. [2]

A special Health Canada consultation on the pesticide ban closes at midnight tonight. If enough of us speak up before the deadline, we can get Health Canada to quit dragging their heels and speed up the process to enact the ban on toxic, bee-killing pesticides. 

There’s one day left to have our say. Will you sign the petition to help save the bees?

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Ban all bee-killing pesticides now, before it's too late. Three to five years to enact the ban is far too long.

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