Remove Senator Beyak from the Conservative Caucus

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Conservative Senator Lynn Beyak just wrote a shocking open letter defending residential schools and telling Indigenous peoples that they should assimilate.

In the letter, Beyak praises the “kindly teachers” at residential schools, and tells Indigenous people to “trade your status card for Canadian citizenship.” [1-2]

This is the second time in a year Senator Beyak has made these kinds of comments, and now that the story is blowing up in the media again, the Conservatives are scrambling to distance themselves. A huge petition could convince them to boot her from the party.

Kicking Beyak out of the Conservative caucus would send a clear signal that in an era of reconciliation, these offensive views are not welcome in our politics -- not in any party.

But we have to act fast, while the story is in the news and the Conservatives are under pressure to respond. Will you add your name right now?


[1] More of the Same Is Not the Answer (Lynn Beyak Senate website): 

[2] Senator Lynn Beyak says First Nations should give up status cards (CBC): 


Conservative Party: Remove Senator Beyak From Caucus

Senator Beyak's views on residential schools and Indigenous peoples are inexcusable, and have no place in any political party. Please take steps immediately to remove her from your caucus, and send a strong message that these views will not be tolerated.

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