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Making it easier for big polluters to contaminate Ontario’s clean water? No thanks. But if Doug Ford’s “Big Polluter” Bill 132 becomes law, that’s exactly what will happen.

If passed, Bill 132 will drastically lower penalties for industrial corporations that are caught dumping toxic sludge into lakes or spilling chemical waste into rivers -- meaning it will take away the incentive for industry to avoid massive spills and to clean them up ASAP when they occur.[1]

It’s a recipe for environmental devastation -- but if enough of us come together, I know we can stop it.

Ford's government has faced massive backlash over other environmental rollbacks -- and backed down.[2] They know that Ontario voters take clean environment seriously. That's why the Environment Minister, Jeff Yurek, decided to include a short public input period to get a sense of whether or not these new changes will be similarly politically toxic. 

He's anxiously waiting to see what happens -- and if he get a flood of public opposition, he'll know they've made another mistake and have to backtrack.

Will you send a message to Ontario's Environment Minister calling on him to scrap the section of Bill 132 that lets big polluters off the hook for contaminating our water with their toxic waste?

With the public input period closing next week we have to act fast. 

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