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The Conservatives just nominated an MP with extreme, anti-abortion views to lead the House Committee on the Status of Women. [1]

Rachael Harder is an anti-abortion MP who gave thousands of dollars of taxpayer-funded grants to anti-choice pregnancy centres in her riding, and promised to pass laws to protect “unborn children”. [2]

Now she’s about to chair a committee tasked with promoting women’s rights — but we have plan to get the Conservatives to reverse the decision.

Bringing up the abortion debate is pretty much political suicide for the Conservative party since they rely on the support of moderate voters who believe in women’s right to choose. Even Stephen Harper was too afraid to bring the issue up out of fear of division. [3]

A massive petition will show that voters reject MP Harder’s dangerous, anti-choice views — and if we make it huge, the Conservatives will have to reverse Harder’s appointment or risk dividing their party and losing the voters they need.

Will you sign the petition to stop the Conservatives from appointing an anti-choice MP to chair the Status of Women Committee?





[5] see 3 above


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To all Conservative MPs on the Status of Women Committee:

I call on you to immediately rescind your nomination of anti-choice MP Rachael Harder for the role of Chairperson of the House Status of Women Committee. Her extreme views are out of step with Canadian voters and have no place on this committee.

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