CRTC: block Bell's ploy for internet censorship

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Our internet is under attack. A coalition of major telecom companies like Bell want Canada to create a review board with the power to control our online activities and block websites they don’t like. [1]

Blocking websites amounts to one thing: censorship.

Handing over control of the internet to corporate interests is a slippery slope. Experts say it won’t take long for this to spiral into an Orwellian nightmare -- where information and communication is censored, and corporations like Bell monopolize the internet for profit. [3][2]

A proposal similar to this was made in the UK and now one in five UK sites have been blocked -- from small business websites to health services and personal blogs. [3]

If we act now, there’s a chance we can stop this. The CRTC is accepting public input on this proposal until next Thursday. If we hand in a huge petition to the public input form, it will show them that Canadians won’t stand for corporate interests taking over our internet. And they’ll have to deny Bell’s proposal.

Will you sign this petition now to protect our internet from greedy telecom companies like Bell?


[1] Canadian Telcos Want To Play Police In War On Piracy: HuffPost

[2] Here’s how the end of Net Neutrality will change the Internet: Wired

[3] The UK's Internet Filters Block Almost 1 in 5 Websites: Motherboard

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