It’s time to break up with Big Oil!

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It’s past time for the government to break up with Big Oil. Climate solutions are within our reach – we can cap emissions, decarbonize the energy sector, and implement a Just Transition that leaves no one behind – but these policies keep getting pushed back and watered down, because Big Oil has a stranglehold on our politicians.

Ultimately, elected officials are responsible to their constituents – the majority of whom support strong climate action. [1] Yet lobby groups like the Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers (CAPP) have far more access to key ministries than environmentalist groups. [2,3]

If we want government policy to take on the climate crisis, we have to make them choose between their constituents’ support and Big Oil’s money. We’re calling on federal cabinet ministers to side with the public and no longer let oil lobbyists control policy decisions. The government must instate equitable lobbying for climate advocates and environmental NGOs.

A massive petition will show politicians that they have to pick a side – they can have a close relationship with Big Oil or the votes of their constituents, but not both. Sign the petition now to tell the government: It’s time to break up with Big Oil!

Cabinet Ministers

We demand equitable lobbying. Federal ministries must give the same access, time, and attention to climate advocates and environmental NGOs that they currently give to oil lobbyists.

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