Minister Wilkinson: Cancel TMX as part of your new climate plan

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Two game-changing new reports by the Liberal government’s own agencies have revealed that the Trans Mountain pipeline is inconsistent with the Liberals’ climate targets.1,2

The reports confirmed what Indigenous leaders and climate advocates have been saying for years: we can’t build new pipelines in a climate emergency.

Right now, Liberal Environment Minister Jonathan Wilkinson is preparing to release a long-awaited climate plan3,4 — a roadmap for how the government plans to reach net-zero emissions by 2050. And now these groundbreaking new reports have given us a golden opportunity to raise the ambition of Minister Wilkinson’s upcoming climate plan and stop TMX.

As the face of the much-anticipated climate plan, Wilkinson is hoping it gets a good response from the public. A massive petition calling on Minister Wilkinson to listen to experts and cancel TMX could tip the balance in our favour. 

But our window is closing fast – the climate plan could be released any day now. Sign the petition calling on Minister Wilkinson to cancel TMX as part of his new climate plan.

Environment Minister Jonathan Wilkinson:

Canada’s Energy Regulator and the Parliamentary Budget office’s latest reports confirmed that the Trans Mountain pipeline is inconsistent with your net-zero emissions targets. Listen to the experts and cancel TMX as part of your climate plan.

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