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Canada’s Caribou population is on the pathway to extinction — unless Canada takes urgent action to protect them.[1]

Experts flooded Ottawa last week to discuss a major new study outlining how mega- industrial projects and climate change are killing off caribou in every single region they’re found -- some by a shocking two-thirds since the last study was conducted in 2004.[2]

They’ve been advising the federal government on options for caribou recovery, but so far Environment Minister, Catherine McKenna, has been dragging her heels. There’s a real risk the Caribou will fall to the bottom of her giant stack of priorities if she thinks the public doesn’t consider this a top priority.

A massive public outcry now, when the issue is on Mckenna’s radar, could be finally what snaps the government into action.

Sign the petition calling on Minister McKenna to kick-start a protection plan to save the caribou before it’s too late.

Dear Environment Minister Catherine McKenna,

I'm calling on you to take the urgent action required by the federal government to save Canada's caribou populations, which are all on the edge of extinction.

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