Pierre Poilievre: End your cash-for-access fundraisers

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Pierre Poilievre has been caught in his latest bind – his use of “cash-for-access” fundraisers that serve the rich and corporate elite – while publicly criticizing their existence.

Though Poilievre has railed against the Liberal party for “glitzy” fundraisers and providing paid-access to decision makers, the Conservative party leader's latest hypocrisy is being served on a platter.

This January, investigations showed attendees paid $1700 a plate to join Poilievre at the elusive Toronto Club, where membership is limited to those able to shell out $20,000. Dozens of private fundraising events like this have been held since Poilievre became leader.1

While the fundraising practices of the Conservative Party may not be swayed by public pressure, a massive public petition calling out Pierre Poilievre’s hypocrisy could spotlight these cash-for-access fundraisers for potential voters and tarnish his “working class” act. Sign the petition demanding Pierre Poilievre walk his own talk and end cash-for-access fundraisers.

Pierre Poilievre and the Conservative Party

End your hypocritical cash-for-access fundraisers

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