The Start of Canada's Climate Leadership

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Prime Minister Trudeau just met with provincial leaders in Vancouver during the first week of March. They agreed to start drafting a climate action plan for Canada to do its part to stop catastrophic climate change – before it’s too late.  1

But there’s a problem: the oil industry has gone from boom to bust again, and families across the Prairies and Maritimes are hurting. 2 Oil executives and some provincial leaders are now saying the way out of this hole is to make expensive delays to real climate action and build the Energy East and Kinder Morgan pipelines3

We can do so much better. We don’t need to double-down on the same risky industry that creates economic crises and wrecks our climate. We can move Canada forward and create a clean energy economy that’s built to last.

The government is now in the middle of consultations to draft their climate strategy and they need to hear from you. This is the moment for our governments to make major investments to kickstart the renewable energy revolution we need to stabilize our climate and economy.Former oil workers can lead the way in a plan to create new jobs for our communities – especially the communities that have been hit the hardest by low oil prices.

The consultations for the National Climate Strategy are our chance to make this revolution a reality.

Sign the petition to call on Prime Minister Trudeau and our Premiers to deliver a Green New Deal to stabilize our climate and power our economy – starting with an immediate climate stimulus to put people to work building renewable energy.



  1. National climate plan will take time, federal and provincial ministers say 
  2. Oil price pain seeps into other sectors of Alberta economy 
  3. Trans Mountain says pipeline will boost economy 
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