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Something smells rotten in Ottawa.

I'm sure you’ve seen the headlines. Minister Jody Wilson-Raybould resigned from cabinet amid explosive allegations that she was demoted by the Prime Minister for refusing to help billionaire corporation SNC-Lavalin dodge a criminal trial.[1]

It's a chilling story of fraud, bribery, and backroom political deals with cashed-up corporate lobbyists. If there’s any truth to it, there’s cause for alarm.

But one of the most alarming parts of this story just isn’t getting the attention it deserves: the shady loophole that SNC-Lavalin hoped to use to dodge criminal charges .

This loophole, called a “Deferred Prosecution Agreement” (DPA), lets corrupt corporations like SNC-Lavalin off the hook from criminal prosecution, allowing them to instead settle charges out of court, often for a fine.[2]

Right now, with the SNC-Lavalin scandal rocking the country, we have a chance to show politicians that voters won’t tolerate a loophole that lets corporations play by different rules than the rest of us.

But we need to move fast. Sign the petition calling on the government to close the “corruption loophole” at the heart of the scandal rocking the country.

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I'm calling on you to close the loophole in Canada's Criminal Code that lets corporations use "Deferred Prosecution Agreements” to avoid criminal prosecution.

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