PM Trudeau: Boost healthcare funding for COVID19

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Healthcare experts are sounding the alarm that Canada does not have enough ICU beds, respirators, tests and protective gear to care for people with COVID19. [1]

Right now, countries that responded to COVID19 by investing in essential equipment - like ICU beds and ventilators - have around half as many deaths as countries that didn’t. [2]

This is why we urgently need to ramp up funding for essential healthcare equipment and help guarantee that vulnerable populations won’t be deprioritized for access to treatment.

We're calling on the federal government to direct billions more in funding to mount wartime efforts to:
  • Repurpose factories and skilled workers to manufacture protective gear and hospital equipment; 
  • Buy all available protective gear and ventilator equipment from other countries;
  • Increase the supply of hand sanitizer, cleaning supplies and medications;
  • Increase the supply of tests for COVID19.
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Dear Prime Minister Justin Trudeau,

Increase funding to our healthcare system and mount a wartime effort to deliver much-needed protective gear and hospital equipment now.

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