Guarantee paid sick days to ALL workers to help stop the spread of the coronavirus

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The COVID19 pandemic is spreading at an alarming rate, with over 136,000 cases worldwide and a heartbreaking death toll.[1]

Things could get much worse very quickly if we can’t make sure that all workers can stay home when they’re sick without worrying about lost pay.

The Trudeau government took a step in the right direction this week by waiving a one-week waiting period to access employment insurance (EI) benefits — but it only covers 40% of the workforce.

That means 60% of workers -- including people who work part-time, in casual positions, or on contract -- could be forced to keep going to work even if they're sick. It could send the virus outbreak out of control. [2]
The government said they’re keeping the door open to all options to respond to the crisis.[3][4]  A massive petition with tens of thousands of signatures could convince Trudeau to make sure all workers have support to take sick days. But we need to act now, before the virus gets out of control. Add your name now. 

**Note: We've updated the number of paid sick days to reflect recommendations from medical health professionals. 

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau:

We call on you to slow the spread of COVID19 by immediately:

- Ensuring at least 14 paid sick days for ALL workers
- Creating a fund for those who cannot access EI because of their job type, immigration status, or other barriers
- Reducing barriers to accessing Employment Insurance (EI)
- Condemning racist and xenophobic responses to the outbreak

In addition to these emergency measures, we urge you to explore long-term solutions to ensure paid sick leave for all workers.

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