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Your pressure is working. The Canada Pension Plan said they're looking closely into options for divesting from the US private prisons incarcerating the victims of Trump's racist agenda -- but are battling internal tensions and can't commit to anything yet.

This is incredible news. We're on the verge of a victory— which means we need to ramp up the pressure.

Right now, the CPP is holding cross-country meetings to hear from the public about their investments. If enough of us attend and speak out against their outrageous investments, they’ll know this issue isn’t going away. It could be the final straw that forces them to divest.

They’ll be in Saskatoon on Wednesday November 21 from 10am - 11am. Will you show up and ask a question? RSVP here and we'll send you everythig you need to prepare!

What: Canada Pension Plan Public Meeting, Saskatoon
When: Wednesday November 21, 10am
Where: The Ramada: 806 Idylwyld Dr N, Saskatoon

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These public meetings only happen once every two years. It's a rare opportunity to have our voices heard. And if enough of us go, they'll hear us loud and clear.

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