Get your all-candidates debates on our map!

Throughout October, all-candidates debates are happening in hundreds of ridings across Canada.

The debates are a unique opportunity to get public commitments from candidates --on the record, in front of voters and media --  to make bold climate action a top priority if they’re elected.

If you don't see your riding on the map -- research to find your riding debate and then plug the details into this "sign up to host"** page. Your debate detail will appear on the map, which means other Leadnow members in your riding can find it! 

We'll then send you a step-by-step guide on how to attend the debate, ask questions, and even connect with otheer Leadnow members in your riding who want to attend. 

Note: you are NOT signing up to host a debate or event, you are just taking the lead on plugging in details of all-candidates debates that are already being organized in your riding into our map so others can easily find it and RSVP!
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