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The far-right “Proud Boys” group was founded by a Canadian — a neo-fascist political organization that promotes and engages in political violence in the United States and Canada and played a key role in yesterday’s events.[1]

And a recent report revealed that as the pandemic continues, the far-right is expected to grow in Canada. Meanwhile, undercover reporters have revealed that Canada’s military has been infiltrated by neo-Nazis and white nationalists. [2,3]

White supremacy doesn’t always look like armed militia and organized fascist groups. Just last year in Nova Scotia, Mi'kmaw fishers were forced to barricade themselves indoors to escape violent mobs of white fishers hurling rocks and racist insults. [4]

But Leadnow is a massive community of people across the country who care deeply about building a better, fairer and more sustainable society — and together we can overcome hate.

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