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Ask your MP to bring electoral reform back and vote YES to the motion on Wednesday. Use the box to the right to ask them to sign on now.

We’re just days away from a crucial vote in the House of Commons.

A motion coming up for a vote on Wednesday will ask MPs to formally endorse the report of the all-party electoral reform committee, which recommended a proportional voting system. The motion could create the momentum needed to bring the parties back to the table and re-start the conversation on electoral reform. Just 20 Liberals need to support it in order for it to pass - but when we met with Liberal MPs earlier this month, many were still undecided on how they will vote. A flood of public pressure now could be what it takes to convince them to vote in favour of the motion.

Your MP could be a democracy hero. Ask them sign on to bring electoral reform back and vote for the motion.

We're delivering this petition on Monday at a rally outside of Parliament. Can you sign on to make this delivery as big as possible? 

MPs: Vote Yes to the Motion and Bring Electoral Reform Back

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