Leaders Debate: Don’t Amplify Hate! Rescind Bernier's invitation

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Yesterday Maxime Bernier was invited to participate in the official election leaders debate.

Bernier and the PPC are trying to bring Trump’s brand of hateful politics to our election. They’re campaigning for an extreme crackdown on immigration, and even promising to build a barricade along our borders.[1]

And now the Debates Commission wants to give him a national platform to spew his bigotry to millions of viewers on live TV.

But together we can shut this down. The Debates Commission is a public organization which means they’re accountable to us. [2] A massive public outcry right now could convince them to rescind Bernier’s invitation and deny his hateful rhetoric a chance to spread. 

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To the Leaders’ Debates Commission:

I’m calling on you to rescind Maxime Bernier’s invitation to participate in the federal leaders debate. His bigotry and xenophobia have no place in our democracy and he shouldn’t be given a platform to spread is racist views.

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