Focus on care, not court cases: drop the appeal of Bill 124

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Premier Doug Ford’s wage-suppressing Bill 124 has been struck down by the courts.1 The ruling proves what we all knew: Ford’s plan to hold down nurses’ wages and restrict their bargaining rights is unconstitutional.

But unbelievably, Ford’s announced that he intends to appeal.2 He wants to waste more time, energy, and public money on a court case that he’s already lost.

The government has a 30 day window to lodge the appeal.3 If we can turn up the heat with a massive petition demanding that Ford focus on care, not court cases, we could shift his calculations around the appeal—and prove that he'll have a massive fight on his hands if he goes through with this.

Sign the petition now to tell Ford to focus on care, not court cases: accept the court’s ruling on Bill 124.


Image: Andrew Louis

Premier Doug Ford:

Drop your appeal of the Superior Court’s decision to strike down Bill 124. An appeal will take time, resources, and public money away from where they are needed most: Ontario’s crumbling healthcare system.

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